Ways for Royal Family KIDS camps to use the film

Now that CAMP is on DVD and Blu-Ray we are excited to get it into the hands of Royal Family KIDS camps across the country. We want to make sure you can use the film to the maximum potential impact for your camp. We have three programs in place to help:

1. Bulk DVDs
SPECIAL PRICE THRU FEB 28 - We are offering the DVD/BluRay Combo packs to camps at the bulk rate of $12.95 - 12 dollars less than MSRP. Minimum order of 30. Free shipping. Use BluRay/DVD combos for:

  • As thank-you gifts to potential supporters or volunteers
  • As information to potential donors
  • To sell at fund raising events (for $20 to $25 dollars)
  • To use as a recruiting tool

Click here to make a bulk order now (CC or check)

2. CAMP movie nights
Now that CAMP is on DVD we have cut the public showing (any group over 25 people) license fee to $250 for RFK camps. Plus any camp that orders 30 DVDs in bulk will get the fee waived completely. Public showings include:
  • At your church as a movie night
  • During a church service
  • Publicly advertised recruiting events

Exceptions for RFK camps include:
  • Use during official RFK training
  • Use for a private celebration event for RFK camp volunteers
  • Use for recruiting in Bible studies, home groups and other regular gatherings of LESS THAN 25 PEOPLE

3. Online fundraiser
Your volunteers and extended RFK network will want to purchase a copy of CAMP for their own. If you would like to do an online fundraiser where your camp receives a portion of the proceeds from the DVD sales, contact Russ Neibert at russ@aampromote.com or at (818) 251-0641.