The CAMP story is near to me. My first year serving as a camp counselor profoundly impacted my worldview. Seeing pain in the eyes of innocent children, giving them a week to just be a kid, sharing hope with them, somehow this made my life down the mountain seem fake. CAMP is my attempt to share that experience with you. If our film has opened a place in your heart for these kids, please consider volunteering your time, donating your money, or, for the truly moved, starting a camp in your community.

For the forgotten KIDS,
Jacob Roebuck
Writer/Director, CAMP

Jacob can be reached by email at

Volunteer to work at a local Royal Family Kids camp!

At many camps, the number of kids that can come is limited by the number of counselors that volunteer. Due to the high need for attention each of these kids have, each counselor is assigned only two kids, and some only one. In addition to counselors, various other support staff are needed to run activities and perform dramas. The commitment is a few days of training and one week of your summer, but the impact you can make will change a life.

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Start a camp in your community

There are approximately 150,000 kids in the social system ages 6-12 that are eligible to come to camp. There are only spots for 7,000. To say we need more camps is an understatement. Running a camp is hard work but the benefit to you and your church will experience is undeniable.

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