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Letters from CAMP Movie-Goers

"Powerful movie about what children in the foster care system experience. It's a MUST SEE, but bring your tissues."
Jennifer Yamaguchi - Irvine, California

"Awesome movie. Amazing message. A real blessing."
Michelle Edgett - Roswell, New Mexico

"It was like all my years of being an RFKC counselor rolled into a two hour sitting. It was like being at camp again!"
Jeremy Rodriguez

"We can't say enough WONDERFUL things about the movie, CAMP. We can't stop thinking about it. Great acting, great stories, great production. No preaching, no pat answers, okay to ask the hard questions. Absolutely incredible. Get out and support great movies like this."
Candy Troutman

"Took my 95-year-old grandmother to see CAMP in Orange County, California! She loved it!"
Roberta Reifschneider

"Three young adults are volunteering for our camp this summer because they saw the movie and were inspired to be a part of our RFK family! What a blessing for us!"
Carol Davies Reddy

"Just took our adopted daughter to see CAMP before it leaves Wenatchee tomorrow. The first time we met Rosie was at Royal Family Kids Camp five years ago. The film was emotional for her, but she liked it. 'The feelings were so real,' she said, 'especially when Ken was saying goodbye to Eli.'"
Cathy Lidell Rice

"...I took my 4 year old daughter thinking she wouldn't understand the suggestions of abuse. She cringed at the beginning but we talked after and she said what scared her was only the thunder. She loved the camp activities. I thought the production was very professional!! Just like any other major motion picture....even better than Fireproof and Courageous (which I also loved). I hung on every line in the movie. My heart was definitely affected forever. I've been "too busy" the last 6 years to be a part of the Royal Family Kids Camp with Northampton United Methodist Church, but I know I will never be too busy ever again! I only fear that I will want to take all the kids home.....well, actually I already know that I will, but I'll have to work that out with God and maybe my husband."
Carmen Rinella Burbridge - Uniontown, Ohio

"As a counselor for RFKC it was great to see a movie about this amazing ministry! The Director did an amazing job on highlighting all of the powerful yet tender points of Camp. Not to mention all of the actors and actresses, (especially Ken and Eli) that took the character they played, and took a hold of the audiences' heart strings and gently tugged at them! Thank You for taking me back to my memories of camp and sharing RFKC hopes and dreams to several people in the United States!"
Bill Crosier - Kearney, Nebraska

"Just watched it in Wenatchee, WA. Felt drained at the end as if I had just been through a week at camp....which is a GOOD thing! The film is very true to what actually happens at camp down to even some of the smallest details. My husband and I have volunteered for many years at RFKC and it is always so hard to tell others what the experience is like. Thank you for making this film because now we have a way to spread the word about the mission field right here in the U.S. May God use it to raise up an even bigger army to stand in the gap for abused and neglected children."
Cathy Lidell Rice - Wenatchee, Washington

"A powerful movie...It gave us a real insight into what kids in the system have to go through. Thank You Roebuck Media for such a moving and powerful story."
Patty Jones - Roswell, New Mexico

"Through a generous serving of poignant humor, CAMP disarms viewers by awakening the part of our soul that deplores the ruined innocence of children. You’ll ride the emotional rollercoaster of the kids AND get a glimpse into the trials and successes of the caring volunteers seeking to give campers a foundation for hope. As a RFK volunteer for the last 13 years who has also served as a camp director, I give my whole-hearted endorsement to this powerful, realistic film that with great insight captures many of the successes, emotions and hopes of RFK camps worldwide. CAMP shows us that generosity, patience and kindness can transform the world, one life at a time. If you believe that making the world a better place one child at a time is really important, you will like this movie. "
Steve Dratz - RFK Arvada Colorado

"I loved the movie! I cried several times while watching it because I could imagine our campers in place of the actors. Thank you for making this film! "
Esther - Redondo Beach, California

"Having worked with this clientele for over 15 years, I can say it accurately portrays the situations these children, and counselors deal with every day. Hopefully, after viewing the film, individuals will be compelled to act, by supporting RFK Camps, or by volunteering somehow to make a difference, with these kids, and therefore, their community."
Rebecca Captain - RFK Volunteer

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